This is Why We Need Medicare for All

There have been two events in recent days which show very clearly why the United States needs Universal Health Care, which was once known as socialized medicine, which is most currently known as Medicare for All.
Jeff Bezos, who is the richest man in the world, by far, has taken health care away from part-time employees (30 hours a week or less), which is kind of a dirty trick since most of them would probably be very happy with full time work, it’s just that keeping them part time gives him an excuse (makes it legal) to not provide health care.
It’s a seriously petty and Scrooge like thing to do, especially since calculations show that he could give all of them health care for a year for the amount he makes, personally, in about 6 hours. And presumably, he could do the same next year and the year after that.
To repeat: Jeff Bezos is such a rotten, lowlife bastard that he’s willing to put his employees life’s at risk rather than sacrifice a couple of hours of pay. And he’s already worth more than 100 billion dollars.
The other event is the General Motors strike, which is affecting approximately 50,000 people. General Motors has announced that since they are on strike, it’s canceling their health insurance. Pretty heavy handed bargaining tactic there. No wonder the workers are on strike.
Anyway, both of these events show very clearly why Medicare for All is needed. It would help small businesses greatly, because they wouldn’t have to worry about insurance, and it would protect the workers who are employed by rock-hearted, greedy, self-serving monsters.
Employees should not be at the mercy of their employer, ever. If a person wants to up and quit, they should be able to up and quit. Without any interruption to their access to health care.

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