The Way to Impeachment

I’m glad that congress is finally getting around to inching a wee bit closer to the possibility of impeachment, and I’m glad that Tulsi Gabbard is on board. It was never a litmus test for me as Medicare for All and a refusal to take corporate money are, but nice to know she’s finally for it, and it finally seems to be happening.
However, in her ‘I’m finally all for it’ statement, she said ‘it should be tightly focused’ on the latest scandal, the Ukrainian phone call. Or, as I believe it was Jimmy Kimmel who asked “Will Volodomyr Zelenskyj be Trump’s Monica Lewinski?” (see, it’s funny because it rhymes)
I disagree with Tulsi again, quite heartily in this case. If you’re going to impeach, impeach hard. Hard, and wide, and low. Shotgun approach. Cast a wide net. Full court press. Attack on all fronts, straight up the center and on the flanks.
We should impeach him for this, for sure, it’s pretty juicy. He applied pressure (in terms of withholding military aid) on the president of Ukraine to dig up some dirt on Joe Biden’s son Hunter. Which was completely unnecessary, because everybody knows Hunter only got that cush job by being the vice President’s son. In fact, there is tape of Joe Biden bragging about getting the Ukrainian Attorney General fired, because he was coming after Hunter. So, Trump didn’t even need to make that very compromising phone call. He could have just spent a couple of hours googling.
But we should also not forget all those times he used his office to line his own pockets, which is highly illegal (emoluments), his neglect, both after hurricanes and during the on-going self-inflicted border crisis, which has resulted in unnecessary deaths, his general incompetence and cluelessness, his lying (after all, that’s what they impeached Clinton over), and his mental state, which precludes him being president of a bowling league much less of a country.
The more charges, the more wide reaching the investigation which will lead to more charges, which increases the odds of conviction tremendously. That’s math.

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  1. Trump doesn’t know how to google. He only knows twitter. Par for the course he is an uneducated TWIT!!!

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