There are words like Socialism, Love, and God that it is very hard to argue about because everybody has their own definition and it’s always going to be a bit different from everybody else’s. So, if someone asks me if I believe in God, the first thing I say is ‘What do you mean by that?’ That is, if I feel like talking about it. If not (which is more frequent) I just say no, and they generally get the drift.
Then there are concepts and ideologies, like Nuclear Energy, Social Media, and Capitalism, which you have to admit can be used for good or evil, and how we feel about them definitely depends on how they are used. Plenty of people are using nuclear power every day without realizing it, but let one nuclear plant fuck up and pollute the whole Pacific Ocean, you hear about it incessantly for months, years even.
The Venn diagram between these two groups is so fat it’s almost a circle in its own right, and one thing that fits right in there is the concept of PC.
Lots of people love to say they hate PC, but I suspect that it’s in the same way everybody says they hate Nickelback, and most of them have no idea who Nickelback was.
I suspect it’s largely in how you define PC. The way I see it, it means you shouldn’t say stupid shit that’s obviously racist or sexist. That’s a good thing, by and large, but Mel Brooks thinks it’s killing humor. Some people might see it as not being allowed to talk about certain subjects, or present certain points of view. So, they’re against it. So, before you get into an argument about PC, find out what it is the other person is actually talking about – and then you can tell them they’re full of shit.
It is true, also, that PC can be used for good or evil. It’s O.K. (and it’s PC) to point out when people are being shitheads due to racism or sexism. It’s a bit over the top to be accusing people of racism or sexism just because they are talking about race or sex and they don’t agree with you or the majority opinion.
So, PC is like nuclear energy. It’s a good thing, generally, but you sure as hell don’t want to be there when a meltdown occurs.

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