Autumn Morning

I just went out to the grocery star on this fine and crisp fall morning. I didn’t go to the closest one because, honestly, they are probably the most horrible supermarket in the world. Overcrowded, with a combination of local geriatrics, homeless people, and large crowds from a nearby hotel, which specializes in hordes of Italian kids on school trips. Often out of stock. They tend to have stale, hard rohliky. And, they can be deadly rude.
Also, it was a fine day for a walk through the park. There was a school group, playing a weird game which seemed like a cross between a confidence building exercise and a sumo match, with three couples, one holding the other, and a lot of cheering and counting from the crowd gathered round.
I saw the leaves, so many turned to yellow now.
I saw a woman waiting for the tram, with a very large musical instrument in a black bag, that took up the whole bench.
I looked up, and saw a building with trees on top and thought “Even our buildings are starting to have hairstyles. Everything that we touch is anthropomorphized. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe not.”
I smelled a cloud of smoke, the kind I love, and noticed it was coming from a young man who was talking on his phone, standing in front of a hotel restaurant, holding a biggish doober wrapped in brown paper.
Just a typical autumn morning in Prague, and that is last night’s blog for today.


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2 responses to “Autumn Morning

  1. DW

    I didn’t notice the other day, but you said you went out to the “grocery star”. Made me think of George jetson going out for groceries!

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