We Must Do More

This is the best article I have read re Bernie’s health condition. I recommend reading it, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have linked to it, but the short version is that we Bernie supporters need to do more, because Bernie can’t be expected to do it all by himself.
I agree with that, and hereby pledge to do more.
Of course, some people already think I am obsessed with Bernie Sanders and seldom write about anything or anybody else. I’ve been called a cultist and worse.
But, most of what I write is just argumentative comments on other people’s posts, and this blog which far too few people read.
From now on, expect me to share and/or repost a lot more positive articles, videos, and even memes if the mood moves me. Because he is not dropping out, and we are not going to let him down. We want Medicare4All and, despite their words, we know that none of the mainstream DNC candidates really support it, not in their hearts. We want an environmental new deal, and Bernie’s got by far the most comprehensive program for that. We want a government that works for the people, and we need to be ready to do whatever is needed to bring that about.
Count me in.

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