Media Bias

It must be getting harder and harder for people to cling to the fiction that Bernie Sanders is being fairly treated by the press, but I suppose there is an explanation for why they still do, albeit a very cyclical one.
Since they get their news from TV and newspapers, and the newspapers and TV don’t actually run a disclaimer across the bottom of the screen that says “We’re lying,” they never even suspect.
Soon after Bernie Sanders got out of the hospital, reporters met him in front of his home and asked a few questions. CNN, it was. Then they took his words totally out of context to claim his campaign was on its last legs, when nothing could be further than the truth.
That was a couple days ago already, people have pretty much forgotten that one.
Then, there was an Emerson Poll which showed Bernie Sanders as the only candidate to beat Trump in a head to head match-up. Numerous news sources ran with the headline ”Trump beats Warren and Biden in Iowa Poll,” or words to that effect, and didn’t mention Bernie at all until paragraph 3 or so.
Then, NBC topped them all, by taking a direct quote from Bernie Sanders, something he just said during the debate, and attributed it to Elizabeth Warren.
I can’t wait to hear the explanation for that one.

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