When I look at polls, or political analyses, they often divide people into different groups. Men voters, women voters, black voters, white voters, voters under 30, voters over 65, and so on.
This election year is going to be different, and we should be categorizing our groups differently.
People who make less than $15 an hour, for instance. I imagine they’ll vote mostly for Sanders, because that would straight up get them a raise in pay. If everybody just voted 100% in favor of their own best interests, Bernie would get 100% in this group, but people are funny.
People who don’t have jobs at all, even though they’d like one. They should support Sanders in large numbers because Bernie is going to be creating lots of jobs saving the planet and protecting life on Earth as we know it.
People without health insurance. I know there’s some overlap between this demographic and the previous two I mentioned, but there are over 27 million Americans with no health insurance. Of course, they’re likely to break big for Sanders.
People who believe that the police shouldn’t be allowed to randomly kill black people would be better served by a Sanders presidency than any other.
Ditto for anybody who requires prescription drugs, like, to live.
People with children under 18, and who would like to see their kids go to college have a strong incentive to back Bernie Sanders for president. So do those kids’ grandparents, and aunts and uncles. Do it for the kids.

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