I understand that words have meanings, and some words can offend some people. Some of the more egregious once I try to avoid myself. But it does come to a point where you are just trying to limit the political debate, reducing everything to “Duckspeak doubleplusgood.”
The topic was Elizabeth Warren. Someone had replied to a post about her being a flip-flopper, which she is, she’s the political equivalent of Simone Biles, but this person’s objection was that it’s a positive thing to be able to change your mind. In some circumstances, I agree that’s true. We all have to be willing to examine new evidence and re-evaluate our opinions from time to time, both in personal relationships and more weighty matters.
But, I replied by saying that in the case of Elizabeth Warren, we have reason to believe that her recent (since 2016) embrace of Bernie Sanders’ positions is less than sincere. Reasons like her daughter’s inside position in the for profit health care industry and her willingness to accept corporate cash.
She wrote back that there was no need for name-calling.
I read through my post a couple of times and couldn’t figure out what she was talking about and then I reread her comment and it was all about the use of the word flip-flopper in the original post.
So, I hit her with a bunch of synonyms. Vaccilater. Fluctuater. Waverer. Hedger. I could have gone with lane-changer, fence-sitter, or slimy opportunist bitch, but I refrained.
Because we wouldn’t want any name calling, now, would we?

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