Behind The Talking Points

You’ve got to hand it to the right. They stick to their talking points. Stick to them like burrs to velcro. It’s one reason (only one – there are many) why Warren would be a horrible candidate against Trump. Even though I used to think that was no big deal, lots of people have family stories, nobody really knows their ancestry exactly, and it’s not such a terrible thing to claim native-American industry, they have won that argument. If she were the Democratic nominee (which she won’t be), we’d hear nothing but ‘Pocahontas, Pocahontas’ all day long. It would be more of an issue than foreign affairs, domestic affairs, and all of Trump’s illegal business affairs combined.
In the current Clinton-Gabbard kerfuffle, of course they are weighing in. By bringing up Modi again, mostly. In a way, it’s impressive. How did all these gun toting goombahs, all these entranced evangelicals who get their news from bible radio, suddenly become such experts on Indian politics? What’s even more touching than that is how concerned they are about Muslim rights in India. It’s almost enlightened of them.
It reminds of YMCA, the song by the Village People. You see it in demand at weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, all sorts of clean-cut family gatherings and every time I hear it requested, I wonder: do these people know it’s a song about men who like to fuck men having a great place to hook up at the YMCA? Are they being sarcastic and cynical, are they actually being very liberal and supporting gay people, or are they completely ignorant of the ramifications?
I suspect it is the latter. I also suspect that most of these people are less than expert in the internal affairs of the Indian sub-continent.

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