An Evening Out

It’s partly age, it’s partly marital status, and it’s partly just laziness and bad habits, but I truly don’t get out much.
So, when a friend who I haven’t seen for several years said he was back in Prague and wanted to get together, I had some conflicting thoughts. Of course I was looking forward to seeing him, but it also meant I would have to go out and spend time in a public place, and converse with real life people instead of sitting comfortably at home and typing out nasty messages to any who disagree with me.
Well, it turned out to be quite a lovely evening. My friend was a bit late but as soon as I walked into the cafe I ran into another person I know. I told him who I was meeting and asked if he knew him and he said “Oh, yeah, we’re good friends.” Then a young lady, who always appears to be cheerful and upbeat although she writes fairly macabre short stories, walked in. Before the evening was done, a few more people I knew had turned up. We talked about work, we talked about families, we talked about travel, we talked about politics a bit, and about books quite a lot.
It was great. I should get out more.

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