Doing the Right Thing

Bernie didn’t have to make a big announcement detailing his plans to legalize marijuana, which includes immediately legalizing it by executive order, starting to pardon people who are already serving time, taking steps to see that it doesn’t get taken over by tobacco or alcohol companies so that it remains affordable, and re-investing the profits into the communities that need it the most.
He certainly didn’t have to do it at 4:20 in the afternoon, which was a total nod to the pothead community.
The pothead community is already mostly behind Sanders. I sure am. He already had a statement out there that he’s pro-legalization, and since most everybody else did, too, it was not a controversial issue. And he’s way ahead in the youth vote. The only problem there is that the only demographic that shows up less to vote than youth are potheads. (and there’s a fairly large Venn overlap between the two groups)
Also, Sanders is riding high right now. He did great in the last debate, had that huge rally in Queens with over 30,000 people, if you count the overflow, and I do, is gaining in the polls, and is racking up endorsements faster than I can keep track.
So, there was no political advantage to be gained, and plenty of risk. But he did it anyway. Because it was the right thing to do, and Bernie does the right thing.

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