Reasons to Vote

Of course, people have different reasons to vote for the candidates they do, different criteria, and that is their right in a democracy. I may think it’s silly that some people vote on the basis of appearance, or mannerisms, or something else totally superficial, but that is their right.
To me, it seems like the logical way to vote is to analyze the candidates’ positions on the issues, and vote for the one most closely aligned with your personal world view, but that’s just me.
If you are voting on the basis of appearance and you are a woman, you’re probably going to like Beto O’Rourke, or maybe cute Peter Buttigieg. If you are a man you’re probably going to vote for Tulsi Gabbard. (Strictly choosing on issues, Gabbard is one of the two candidates I find acceptable)
If you say that character is the main issue, you should probably rule out Warren and Biden right away, as they both have huge conflicts of interest: Biden with the oil industry as his son, Hunter, is on the board of a Ukrainian Oil Company, and Elizabeth Warren as her daughter, Amy Tiagi, is raking in the big bucks as a Health Insurance executive. You should probably rule out Booker, too, as his connections to the pharmaceutical industry caused him to vote against reducing drug prices for seniors.
If political experience is at all on your list of criteria (and it’s kind of important, in view of who’s holding the office currently), then you should automatically dismiss Steyer, Willamson, and Yang, who have none. I also don’t think Buttigieg’s political experience is adequate. If mayor of a middling sized city is all you’ve got, then you’d better have been some sort of a spectacular mayor, as Bernie was for Burlington. There are a lot of people in South Bend who hate Mayor Pete, especially black people.
If electability is your criteria, it’s Bernie hands down.

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