Now, admittedly, I thought myself that the term ‘woke’ was a bit overused and irritating, sort of like all those people who say “Wake up, Sheeple” as if only they know what’s going on and everybody else in the world is an idiot.
But, when you look at it head on, the opposite of woke is asleep, and the opposite of being socially and politically aware is to be socially and politically unaware, which is definitely not a good thing.
So, it bothers me that Barack Obama has decided to lash out against ‘woke culture.’ Sure, as he said ‘the world is messy, and sometimes good people have done bad things’ and I guess there’s an implication that we should be more forgiving, which I’m all for in personal relationships, but not when choosing who to vote for. When he started talking about ‘purity tests’ it was very clear that his fight is with Sanders supporters, and he thinks we should be more forgiving of politicians who are less pure, which angers me. When we’ve got a Bernie Sanders, why should we settle for politicians whose most positive characteristic is that there are others who are even more corrupt? There is no reason.
By saying we shouldn’t have ‘purity tests’ he’s saying we shouldn’t have standards, or at least not very high ones. That line of reasoning, that gaslighting, that telling us we have to settle for shit because that’s just the way the world is and we must be a bunch of whiny, little crybabies because we are no longer content to accept being the footstools of the rich, is a bad line of reasoning and we reject it completely.
I used to like Barack Obama. Read both his books. Voted for him twice. But the change he told us to hope for never occurred, and now he’s actively working against it ever occurring.
And all of his glibness and eloquence cannot cover up for that.

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  1. John Roundtree

    Im not sure that was not what he was trying to say. This Trump admin. has got a lot of people angry, myself included.I cant believe there is NOTHING that we can do to stop this fiasco. in addition, we have allowed the rich to get a firm grasp on the policies of this nation, and they (1%) do not seems willing to pay a dime for the needs of the United States. Our people, the infrastructure does not seem to phase them. How much is enough, you can’t take it with you when you die. When did greed become more important that your fellow man and society? We have come 4 steps ahead,but we now dealing with 6 steps back.I don’t get it…

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