Where Will the Beto Voters Go?

Of course I am glad to see Beto O’Rourke drop out of the race. As a Bernie supporter, I want everybody but Bernie to drop out of the race so he can win the nomination by acclimation and go on to kick Trump’s ass, about a year and a week from now, become president, and solve all the world’s problems (I am not exaggerating, his program could actually accomplish that)
And, I hope that Beto’s supporters will gravitate towards the Sanders camp. Their numbers are not great, and I don’t expect them to gravitate anywhere en masse, so it’s not what I expect. Just what I hope, and encourage.
I imagine some of Beto’s support is from women who find him good looking, and those will probably go to Buttigieg. If there are some who support him because he is from Texas, they could wind up as Julian Castro supporters, up until he drops out as well.
But, if Bernie Sanders is to have 51% of the delegates going into the convention, which is what we will need, a lot more people need to drop out.
Here are my suggestions: People who have absolutely zero governmental experience. We’ve seen, with Trump, what a disaster that can be. Of course, some other people have come to the presidency without previous governmental experience: Grant and Eisenhower spring to mind – but they already had great experience for the commander -in- chief aspect of the job. Marianne Williamson, Tom Steyer, and Andrew Yang do not have that. If this were a job application (and it is), their resumés would not even get them an interview.
Biden should drop out, because he is senile, and offensive, has no platform at all and an absolutely atrocious record, especially with regards to women and black people.
Buttigieg, whose only experience is as mayor, which he sucks at, should probably drop out, too. Along with Cory Booker, he has shown that he prefers for-profit-health industry cash over Bernie’s Medicare for All plan. Warren is in this category as well.
Harris should definitely drop out. After being eviscerated by Tulsi Gabbard in the 2nd debate, she has never recovered and it is very obvious she never will. She never did answer the questions, and it’s because she can’t.
I’m not predicting any of this will happen. I’m only saying it should, and I wish it would.

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