Outrageous Conditions

Joe Biden says it is “outrageous” that Sanders would even suggest putting some conditions on the billions of dollars of “foreign aid” (weaponry) that the U.S. gives to Israel every year.
Why? If you let your friend use your car, you are well within your rights to request that they return it with a full tank, and maybe not use it in the commission of any major felonies. If you enter a contest to win a free trip to the Bahamas, there are probably some conditions in the fine print, like you must be over 18, or signed up to get the company newsletter or something.
Pretty much everything in life comes with conditions. Most restaurants won’t allow you to eat there except on the condition you be wearing shoes.
So, it doesn’t seem outrageous at all that the U.S. should put some conditions on its aid to Israel, like maybe ‘don’t start WWIII,’ or ‘stop chopping down thousand year old olive trees,’ or just ‘stop murdering Palestinians.’

Biden’s statement does raise the question, once again: what the hell does Israel have on the United States that even questioning the idea of throwing billions of dollars at them with no preconditions gets called outrageous? Do they have blackmail on all members of congress? Are they giving huge bribes? I do not know. But, it must be something really big. Because no other country gets treated that way.

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