Florida Man

Florida Man Throws Alligator Through Window of Wendy’s
Florida Man Says he wasn’t Drinking and Driving, Only Sips Bourbon at Traffic Lights
Florida Man Assault Girlfriend With Fried Chicken
Florida Man Assaulted During Selfie With Squirrel

You all know the meme. So, it’s kind of fitting that America’s stupidest, most criminal president should want to take up residence in America’s stupidest, most criminal state. A regular marriage made in hell.
Why he’s doing it, I’m not sure.
Some suspect that there’s some legal advantage to it, but there won’t be much. It’s not as if he’s moving to a different country which doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the United States. Besides, he still owns property in New York and, as the owner, is liable for that property and subject to New York laws. You might be able to avoid paying traffic tickets by moving to another state, but any crime larger than that, I doubt it.
It might just be a tax dodge, but it’s his federal taxes which could get him impeached and thrown into jail – federal jail.
Some say it’s for political advantage. Florida’s a swing state and he’s trying to shore up support there. I doubt it will work. Everybody in Florida knows who he is, and has pretty much made up their mind if they are voting for him or not.
Democrats might win Florida if they run a candidate that masses of people are enthusiastic about, but if they nominate a limp dishrag like Amy Klobuchar or Elizabeth Warren, Trump will probably win.

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