OK, OK Boomer

Very often on Facebook, particularly on the Bernie sites I frequent, you get somebody who takes it upon themselves to be the hall monitor, and they tell everybody “we should be nice to this group, or that group, and not say things like ‘you’re an ignorant fucking pile of shit, why don’t you go die in a fire’ and I can see their point. I even try to abide by it, generally, and I’m down to less than one or two ‘fuck you, asshole’ s per day, but it’s a struggle.
Just 2 minutes ago, somebody was admonishing everybody in Bernie world not to say “OK Boomer” because this would cause old people not to vote for Bernie because they would all be so insulted by the insidious ageist slur that they’ll probably go out and vote for Trump because they will be so hurt and alienated.
As a 65 year old man, right solid in the middle of the boomer generation, I can assure you, it’s really not that big a deal. We’re not likely to get shot by the police, so there’s no need for a ‘Boomers Lives Matter’ movement.
Boomer, by itself, isn’t even a derogatory term. It’s the name given to the generation born in the 20 years or so after WWII.
Also, it’s really hard to deny that this generation, my generation, has left the world in a pretty messed up state. I doubt we’re actually any worse, morally, than previous generations. Whatever generation the Spanish Inquisition was in, they were pretty bad, too. But, we’ve been a fuck-up generation with lots of powerful technology, to the point where we’ve endangered the species.
But, mostly: It’s just a joke. A meme. A funny slang phrase that’s going around. Nobody’s going to change their vote over it. Lighten up.

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