One Weak Answer

I was a bit worried about Warren for a while. Kamala Harris’s campaign imploded as soon as Tulsi Gabbard put a spotlight on her atrocious record as California’s attorney general, and Biden says so much stupid stuff he’s like the DNC’s own version of Trump. But Warren has been gaining in the polls, and I’ve seen a lot of people I thought were progressive saying things like “well, maybe she’s not so bad” and, despite the fact that I consider her speaking style and her exaggerated gestures to be scripted and phony, clearly a lot of other people don’t view her that way.
So, I was getting nervous. Then, there was her answer to Amy Goodman’s question today at an ‘Environmental Justice Forum’ in South Carolina. The question was (and I’m not trying for exact words here) “Do you think because the first two states in the race are Iowa and New Hampshire, which are whiter than marshmallows in a snowstorm, and then you come down here to South Carolina, which is not, that the schedule should be changed.”
First, she interrupted the question with a joke, saying “You’re not going to try to make me criticize Iowa and New Hampshire, are you?” but when she tries to tell jokes, it reminds me of Hillary Clinton trying to tell jokes, and that is not a good thing.
Then, she said “You know, I’m just a player in the game, but I will say I’m very glad to be in South Carolina!”
Admittedly, I don’t particularly think the order is unfair, or a really big deal, but this was a softball question. Warren could have pivoted to the electoral college, which her base hates worse than Russians, and for the same reasons. Or she could have delivered a very noble speech about how white people and black people both need health care, about how parents in Iowa and in South Carolina want their children to go to better schools. Or she could have said “I don’t have an opinion on that. I’m more focused on policies than on politics. Blah blah blah, one person, one vote, 50 state campaign, and so on…” That would have been an O.K. answer, too.
But “I’m just a player in the game…” That would be lame even for an athlete in a post-game interview. Basically, she didn’t answer the question.
Of course, I don’t think this little Q and A spells the end for her campaign. I’ve seen it on Twitter, and on several Bernie pages, but it wasn’t a big deal unless you’re majorly partisan and it may not get picked up by the mainstream press at all.
But it does prove to me that she’s a lightweight, not adept enough as either politician or performer to pull this off.

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