The Impeachment Begins

I guess the impeachment began today, or at least the hearings of the investigation to decide whether to have an impeachment or not began, but it’s the same thing. From what I’ve heard, the most exciting event of the day was that a drag queen from New Jersey was in attendance.

That’s O.K. The important thing is that it has begun. There will be hearing every day for a while, and on some of those days things will leak out that will lead to other things that will lead to other things, and on other days there will be a lot of people saying “I don’t recall” 56 times in a row and that doesn’t look very good, either.
And, on some of those days, Trump supporters in the House and Senate will say “That’s it, the bozo crossed the line that time, I’m out” and another pundit will suddenly turn on him, and this will have a cumulative effect because there won’t be any turning the other way.
Of course, it will be the Ukrainian thing highlighted in the hearings, and in the news, for now, and that’s not bad. He’s guilty as sin and the extra added bonus is that it shines a light on Biden’s corruption as well.
There are dozens of other incidents and issues that should be highlighted as well, Ivanka’s exceptions to the tariffs, weekends at Mar a Lago paid for by the taxpayers, the connection between Anthony Kennedy’s resignation and forgiveness of Trump’s debt by Deutschebank, and his taxes, OMG I do hope they eventually get to his taxes.
But I’m not too bothered if it doesn’t happen in a hurry. The best thing that can happen for the Democrats is if they can drag this out until the middle of next summer and the Republicans will be forced to choose between backing someone who might get sacked in disgrace and then thrown in jail on state charges sometime in October, or pick another candidate.

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