The Crowded Field

Yeah, so Mike Bloomfield and Deval Patrick have joined the race, which sort of devalues all of the debates that have been held so far, but never mind that.
Billionaire Mike Bloomfield becomes the second billionaire in the race (on the Democratic side) and the second former Republican (after Warren) and the second mayor (after Buttigieg) who is thoroughly despised by his African-American constituents, which is kind of a key demographic for the Democrats.
Patrick Deval is a former governor of Massachusetts, but is closely linked (along with Mitt Romney) to Bain Capital. He is a black man but, like Corey Booker, he’s nothing but a grifter and unlikely to gain the votes of people who are struggling to get by.
Neither one of them has a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming president, so why are they even getting into the race?
Here’s my theory, call me crazy if you like.
The DNC, whose main goal is denying Bernie the nomination at all costs, is not only worried that Elizabeth Warren won’t make it across the finish line, based on her limited demographic, and a few little scandals here and there (the Indian thing is nothing compared to the daughter-being-a-health-care-for-profit executive thing), but that she plus all the other losers in the campaign won’t be enough to stop Bernie from getting 51% on the first ballot. So, they’re flooding the field a bit more. Their logic is that if Patrick can get 5% of the delegates, and Bloomberg say 2%, that means that Warren, Biden, Buttigieg, Harris, Klobuchar et alii only need to get 44% of the delegates between them and it goes to the 2nd ballot, where the DNC can do whatever they want.
If Bernie continues to surge, they will add still more candidates.

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