Which Way Will They Break?

How will the blue no matter who people react when Bernie is nominated? They will be split, obviously. Groups are always split when a new factor is introduced. It’s true in nature. When there’s a boulder in the stream, there are suddenly two streams. So it is with people.
The question is, where is the fault line and how big is the split? Here is my prediction: the rank and file centrists, the people who enthusiastically voted for Hillary and still blame Bernie somewhat for causing her defeat will be angry, and bitter, but they will come around because they are regular human beings who want the best world possible for themselves, their children, their country and the world.
The people who actually control the Democratic party may pay lip service, because you don’t actually come out against your party’s nominee traditionally (a few Democrats, like Manchin, may actually defect) but they will secretly be rooting for Trump. They have huge amounts of money and don’t want to pay taxes. (Pelosi and Schumer are in this category)
The media will continue to be anti-Bernie. I wouldn’t expect Rachel Maddow, or Trevor Noah to actually support Trump, but the basic media bias will still be there. The major networks, and the big newspapers, will continue to ignore Bernie’s large and enthusiastic rallies, and will gladly talk about Trump constantly.
But as long as we keep focusing on his policies, with which a huge majority of the American people agree, he will win.

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