A Sad Legacy

Probably the saddest thing about Hillary’s 2016 run, and all the cheating she did to keep Bernie from winning, is the rift it caused in the Democratic Party and all the people she dragged down with her: most notably her husband and Barack Obama.
When Clinton was president, I quite liked him and thought he was getting a ridiculous amount of criticism from Republicans for no good reason. I didn’t care then if he wanted to get a blow job in the oval office, and I don’t really care now. Kennedy probably did the same. Hell, who knows how many presidents have done the same. We have no proof at all that J.K. Polk or Millard Fillmore did not. Now, it seems that he was working against the left all along and the likely reason he put his wife in charge of Health Care was because he knew she could never get it done.
I never believed it when people said that Vince Foster was not a suicide and Ron Brown’s plane crash was not accidental. Since then the list of mysterious deaths has grown so long it cannot possibly be a coincidence.
I used to like Obama, and voted for him twice, but his most recent attack on Bernie Sanders just shreds any credibility he had left as a liberal, which wasn’t much.
I wish that I didn’t feel such antagonism to people who sort of, kind of, once upon a time seemed to be on the same side. But I do, and they were not.
Maybe it’s a tragic ripple effect of Hillary’s candidacy, but maybe it’s a good thing. The rupture had to eventually come, in order to clear the air, and now it has.

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