Punching, Punching, Punching

Full disclosure from the start, I didn’t watch the debate live, you know, because of time zones, and also I’m not a masochist, but obviously this means my blog should – and does, I think maybe 10 people read this blog, max – count for less than some others.
Nonetheless, here we go. There were no real surprises. The moderators tried as hard as they could to pretend Bernie Sanders does not exist, a strategy which is becoming tiresome but it’s the best they’ve got. He got less talk time than Corey Booker (D-big pharma) .
Klobuchar, I’ve been told, looked shaky. That’s not a figure of speech, she literally looked shaky.
Buttigieg was not asked even one question about his huge fuckup in South Carolina, or about why black people hate him so much, which is really the same question.
Tulsi Gabbard did ask him about his willingness to send troops to Mexico, and he came back with neener-neener, you met with Assad. I think I hate Buttigieg more than any other candidate, although I see Warren as the biggest threat.
Biden had a couple of gaffes, but the first one falls short of being an obvious Alzheimer’s moment. That was when he said we have to keep punching, punching, punching at the problem of domestic violence. Could be just a poor choice of words and not a Freudian slip, I suppose. The other was when he said he had the endorsement of “the only black woman elected to the Senate.” Biden does, indeed, have the endorsement of Carol Mosely Braun, who was Senator from Illinois for one term in the 1990s. However, he must have either forgotten that Kamala Harris is a current U.S. Senator, or that she is black. Either way, it’s a pretty major thing to forget.
Final analysis: nothing’s changed. Bernie still has the momentum.

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