Continued from Last Blog

I’ve been thinking about yesterday’s blog today and I’m not sure I expressed myself with all the clarity I could have. This thought has been rattling around in my head for a while. So, I wrote this little poem.

If the only choice we had

was just to vote for ‘good’ or ‘bad’

all spelled out clear as clear

and plain as day

I still don’t know if people would

vote the way I think they should

folks are kind of stubborn

in that way

because to me it seems this election year that it’s precisely that clear. We need to save the planet and nobody has any plan that comes close to Sanders plan for it. His plan will create jobs and build homes for the homeless at the same time. Three birds with one stone. He wants to get money out of politics and the only one with him on that is Tulsi. The others are all crooked as hell. He wants to give everybody health care, give everybody free college and cancel student and medical debt. And, he’s explained how to pay for it all without causing anybody extreme hardship. He is really that good.
If you insist on voting for bad, I guess that’s on you.

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One response to “Continued from Last Blog

  1. John Roundtree

    Bernie just said that he supports Coby Booker plan for Big Pharma. Other people have big plans. You just can’y alway says they are all crooked as hell.GET M-F TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE! Anyone who can do that has my vote. If not,this will be the outcome!

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