A Good Candidate

I find it kind of strange that the final impetus for impeachment was Trump trying to dig up dirt on Biden in Ukraine. They could have nailed him on the emoluments clause after the first weekend at Mar-a-Lago. Certainly, giving Ivanka an exemption from the tariffs which he imposed should have been enough. Or the Khashoggi incident. Or separating the families of asylum seekers and locking up the children.
The thing is, there is dirt on Biden, there’s enough to convict on Biden probably, and it was all public to start with. Trump didn’t need to do any more digging than an internet search.
Anyway, bnmw people get upset with me when I say “Biden’s corrupt, too, and so he shouldn’t be the candidate.” They write long posts to convince me that Trump is much, much worse than Biden, which is probably true.
But we have a candidate with no scandals at all.
Bernie Sanders has no relatives working in the for profit health care industry like Elizabeth Warren. Never had to lie about sending his kids to private school.
Never listed supporters who didn’t agree to be listed, like Pete Buttigieg.
Never withheld evidence to keep an innocent man in jail, like Kamala Harris.
“You can’t have everything you want in a candidate,” they say. Why not? I wonder.
It’s as if they’re saying “We can’t have a candidate who’s good. That’s just not how it works.” Well, maybe not since JFK, maybe even not since FDR, but at some time long ago in the past, at some point deep within the American psyche, there is the idea that a good person can be president. A lot of films and TV series have been based on that premise.

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