A New Name for Thanksgiving

Donald Trump lies constantly, several times a day at least, and his lies are so completely stupid and irrelevant that most don’t even get responded to, and this one is no exception. I will mock it in this blog but I’m pretty sure by tomorrow (which is Thanksgiving) most folks will have already forgotten about it.
Taking a page from the Bill O’Reilly playbook, Trump said the other day that Democrats want to rename Thanksgiving. But, since the ancient toddler probably has an even less on the ball listenership than Billo, his attempt to escalate the totally imaginary War on Christmas will probably fail.
Not that I have any real objection to renaming Holidays, we could probably have a lot of fun with that, but what would we change Thanksgiving to? I know some people call it Turkey Day, but I don’t think it’s really a movement. I suppose you could call it Pre-Christmas, or Novemberfest. If you put it up for a public vote, you’d probably wind up with Turkey McTurkeyface. If you wanted more historical accuracy, I suppose you could call it Genocidius, but I’m not sure everybody wants to be reminded of that. Shame about the native Americans, but could you pass the mashed potatoes?
In short, if any Democrat had actually suggested a name change, they haven’t put much thought into it, and clearly Trump has put even less.
So, I guess we’re stuck with Thanksgiving for now. It’s not too late for next year, though.

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