Why They Fear Bernie

It does seem that Bernie’s on a roll. He’s doing well in polls, especially in early states, he gets standing ovations wherever he goes (his appearance on Jimmy Fallon was epic), he’s picking up endorsements, and he’s looking and sounding great. So, the opposition to him mounts.
Michael Bloomberg is spending 30 million dollars on ad buys, and the race has barely begun. For a bit of context, that’s about 28 million dollars more than 4 years of a president’s salary. To put it into context from another direction, Bloomberg has over 50 billion dollars. He’s the 11th richest person in the world. Just like Trump, this is a business deal to him. Also, there’s the talk of Obama coming out against Bernie, which I’m a bit skeptical of as he hasn’t actually said that himself, but, the signs are there: the Democrats are going to go to extreme lengths to try to stop Bernie Sanders. Why?

I think one of the reasons they are so worried about Bernie becoming president is they think he might get Universal Health Care and it will be a raging success, he’ll get his Green New Deal going and poof! there goes homelessness and unemployment, he’ll erase student debt and nothing bad will happen, lift sanctions on Venezuela and their economy will instantly recover, stop invading foreign countries for no damn reason and peace will bloom all over the world, legalize marijuana and girl scout cookie sales will increase, and a few smart people here and there will look up and say “Hey, we could have done this at any point in the last 40 years.”
And I am glad they are worried.

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