History’s Sorest Loser

History’s sorest loser, Hillary Clinton, went on the Howard Stern show (Howard Stern? Are feminists O.K. with Howard Stern now? My, how times change) to moan and bitch about how Bernie Sanders cost her the election.
Which is sort of ridiculous, because if Sanders had been the candidate, Democrats would have won the election. Of course, as my Hillary supporting friends point out, there’s no actual way to prove that, just the way you can’t prove the South would have won the civil war if they’d had airplanes and nuclear weapons.
There are, however, polls, trends, demographics and a whole bunch of other things under the heading ‘political science’ which indicate it would have been so.
What you can prove is that Hillary was a ridiculously bad candidate. She picked a vice president who didn’t appeal to anybody who wasn’t supporting her anyway, and maybe not even some of them. She failed to even make campaign appearances in several key states. She insulted large swathes of people she needed to vote for her. She offered no policy that anybody wanted.
But “He hurt me, he really hurt me,” she said to Howard Stern.
In sports, in politics, even in Hollywood I don’t believe I have ever heard anything more pathetic.

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