Harris Folds

Do not get me wrong. I am absolutely, 100% a Bernie Sanders supporter. He has by far the longest history of progressive activism of any candidate in the race, he’s pretty much a dead on match for me on the issues, he’s the undisputed leader of the political revolution that is going to change the world.
But tonight, this glorious night, belongs to Tusli Gabbard, and she deserves all the praise and plaudits in the world. Kamala Harris has left the race. Now, don’t expect the MSM to fall all over themselves giving her credit. I read 3 articles, and neither the New York Times, Politico or CNBC mentioned Tulsi at all.
Nonetheless, anybody who is following the race and has any access to social media at all has their exchange during the 2nd debate burned into their psyche.
I remember predicting at the time that Harris would drop out, although I expected it way before this. In any other election year, Buttigieg and Biden would be gone by now, too.
Yes, Tulsi did this, and it’s a mark in her favor. If the primaries were qualifying rounds in a gladiatorial tournament (as, metaphorically, they kind of are) she has established herself as somebody who can take an opponent out.

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