The Afghanistan Lie

The ‘Afghanistan Papers’ recently published by the Washington Post consist of a lot of interviews with people who’d been in Afghanistan, and they essentially prove that nobody knows, or ever knew, what the hell was going on. Which is what a lot of people have been saying for the last 18 years, but nobody listens. At least, nobody with the power to do anything.
They did know (that is, the upper echelon officers and the politicians running the war) that the U.S. was not winning the war, that control over the whole country was a delusion, that people within the puppet government were skimming off huge amounts of American aid for their own personal selves, and that none of this was likely to ever change.
And nothing will. Since the release of the papers, there has been no hue and cry to prosecute anybody from the Bush administration or the Obama administration or within the military.
Nobody was ever prosecuted for the Viet Nam war, either. Oh, a couple people here and there for war crimes, but even most of them got off, and the greater point is that nobody was ever punished for starting the war itself.
So, there will be more wars. There is tremendous profit to be made, and apparently no chance of prosecution. If bank robbery were as legal as war making, all of the banks would be robbed tomorrow.
I wish I had a cheery, optimistic line to end this with, but I don’t. There will be more wars. We have not learned.

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