A Dark Day for Britain

I am very unhappy about how the elections in Britain turned out. Boris Johnson will remain in power, Brexit will happen, their National Health Service is at risk, life will get worse for foreigners living in Britain and for British people living in Europe.
But, it’s not just about the damage it will do, depressing as that is. It is about what it says about the British people. Given the choice between a return to sanity and rushing headlong into a completely avoidable disaster, they have chosen rushing headlong into a completely avoidable disaster – much the same way the Americans have.
If this vote were the second referendum (and it was) Brexit won with flying colors. Britain has chosen to leave the EU, with no deal. They have stormed out of the relationship, slamming the door, and will sleep in their car until they can find a flat of their own.
It seems incomprehensible to me, but then again, so does the existence of Donald Trump. So did the rise of Hitler to everyone in the West and a lot of people in Germany.

But, it’s happening. As one person I was discussing the results with this morning (who was pretty happy about the whole situation) said “We will see.”

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