Briahna Joy Gray

With regard to CNN presenting a 6 week old poll as if it were fresh news (which they did at least twice in one day) and the Los Angeles Times not reporting on Bernie’s Venice Rally at all, Bernie’s press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray, said “‘Honestly, this is just embarrassing for the campaigns that need this kind of boost to appear competitive after having a bad week,” which was a great response, and totally in keeping with the tenor or the Sanders campaign, even if it is not the response (sue the fuckers) that I would prefer.
I really like this Briahna Joy Gray. Part of that is just me being a pervy old man and her an attractive young woman, but she’s also very eloquent. I saw her a few days ago as a guest on Rising, the program with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti. They had spokespeople on from the Buttigieg campaign and the Warren campaign as well, but they just couldn’t compete. Team Biden was invited to send somebody, but didn’t bother.
Admittedly, the program is pro-Bernie, but the questions were fair, and she was the only one of the three that could make a case for her candidate, whereas the Buttigieg spokeswoman and the Warren spokesman were mostly sniping at each other.
Also, I thought “Well, she is good, but she has an unfair advantage here. She’s arguing for Bernie, whose policies have been consistent for years and they are good policies, whereas the other two are trying to defend the indefensible.” Looked at that way, they all did a real good job.
Anyway, Briahna Joy Gray. I sure hope we start hearing a lot more from her.

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