It is the end of day one of our Polish vacation and so far it is shaping up very nicely. Unlike our usual vacations, we are not rushing around trying to fit in too many sites, and it’s much lower key and I’m finding that very pleasant. Good family time.
The drive up was uneventful, still dark as we drove out of Prague, light traffic all the way with intermittent rain, but never really heavy or dangerous rain, and already dark again by the time we arrived, but not terribly late.
We found our apartment ( easily enough. Nothing special about it, a bit small, but everything works just fine and it’s an easy walk from here into the center, which has a pedestrian zone as large as Prague’s and it’s still all decked out for Christmas. It was lovely and we’ll go back again tomorrow (also planned: a museum trip) to see it in the daylight. Dinner was pierogis filled with meat and topped with bacon bits for me and Helena, a chocolate crepe for Isabel, and a burrito for Sam. Actually, I had a bite of that and think Sam ordered the best meal, but certainly not the most authentically Polish.
Then we did a bit of grocery shopping, came home and played Scrabble at which I have a bit of an unfair advantage but it was still close. For someone with pretensions of being a writer, I’m really not very good at the game.
Looking forward to tomorrow.

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