We had a lovely day today in Gdansk, even though the weather was rainy and dreary. We visited a mall with a canal running right through the middle of it, spent a few hours in a science museum, which was largely aimed at kids which is just fine, we were there for the kids and my understanding of science is not on such an advanced level that I didn’t learn a few things, and experienced the local public transportation.
But, I’m still going to write a political blog.

People talk a lot about divisiveness. Somebody in one of my Bernie groups was complaing about the phrase ‘O.K., Boomer’ because it is divisive, and somebody just told me I was being divisive because I said something along the lines of “Elizabeth Warren is a total tool of the corporations and no better than Biden or any of the others.”
The thing is, we are divided. We live on a planet of over 7 billion people, and not a one is exactly like any other. We speak thousands of different languages, practice lots of different religions, and have different dietary preferences. We are divided by age, gender, abilities, interests, economic level and social class. People argue over sports, and films, and music just as vehemently as they argue about politics, often more so.
And that’s O.K. While it’s important that we find unity and common ground, I would not want to sweep our divisions under the rug. Better to have them out in the open, deal with them, and then we can work together when we need to, when the time comes, as best we can.

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