An Appropriate Response

‘Appropriate response’ is certainly a bit of a tricky issue. Throughout history, appropriate responses have often led to war. Refusing to sell oil to Japan after they invaded China was an appropriate response, which led the Japanese into thinking that bombing Pearl Harbor was an appropriate response.
Was assassinating Qassem Soleimani (and the Iraqi officer killed with him) an appropriate response for anything he’d done? I don’t think so. The charges that ‘he killed a lot of Americans’ come down to him being a general on the opposing side, in a conflict in which the Americans don’t even seem to know which side they are on. Soleimani (according to those friendly to him) was fighting against ISIS in Iraq.
A lot of people do think it was, though.
So, what would an appropriate response from the Iranians be? A lot of people think they might try to block the Straits of Hormuz. Maybe. Might lead to war.
I’ve seen a few headlines today that “Iran” offered an $80,000,000″ reward for anybody who assassinated Trump. I checked with Snopes and they gave it a “mixed.” Someone speaking at his funeral (which was broadcast on State TV and seen by millions) suggested it. So, it’s sort of like saying “Russia” interfered in the U.S. election campaign in 2016 because a St. Petersburg meme mill bought a lot of ‘ads’ on facebook, and some Russian woman who loves guns donated a lot of money to the NRA and they donated it to Trump.
It wasn’t actually an official response. But (although I am not officially suggesting the assassination of anybody, nor am I in a position to do so) you have to admit, it would have been an appropriate response.

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