Two Parties

Quote of the day: In any other country, Joe Biden and I wouldn’t even be in the same party – Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Which is true. Beyond the superficial differences – she is a young firebrand and he is a shambling old man who gets easily sidetracked and sounds a bit like Abe Simpson – there is a seemingly endless list of policy differences.
Yet, in our two party system, here we are. AOC and Fingers Malarkey are both part of the Democratic party.
They represent the two sides of it, and this is going to be a problem in the general election, no matter how you slice it. If anybody other than Bernie (the AOC wing of the party) gets the nomination, voter turnout will be low, millions of Berners will stay home on election day, and Trump will be re-elected.
On the other hand, what guarantee do we have that the pro-Hillary wing of the party (which has already proven far more stubborn than I thought possible) will come around to supporting Bernie once he has secured the nomination.
The strategy of the Sanders campaign, as I understand it, is to mobilize huge numbers of disenfranchised people – youth, minorities, working class people who are angry at the government – to come out and vote for a change. But we’re also going to need those Biden and Hillary voters. I suspect that between July and November we’ll be able to persuade them that Bernie is not the dangerous person they perceive him to be.
The way I see it, there’s a split in that group, too. There are the ones who are actually holding office, and therefore they are actually in the pay of corporations, so we can’t count on them. They number in the hundreds, but not in the thousands.
Then there are the rank and file Democratic voters who’ve been voting for the lesser of two evils for so long they think that’s the way it has to work. Since they are not receiving bribes from oil companies or banks (that would be really expensive if they had to bribe the voters directly), they’ll come out and vote for Bernie, even if they make a few sarcastic comments along the way.
30 or 40 years from now, you will still find some very, very old people who want to bitch about how badly treated Hillary was and what a wonderful president she would have been. We don’t need to take them too seriously.

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