Countdown to Armageddon

Which is a bit of an inflammatory headline. I don’t actually think we’re headed for WWIII. While Trump’s drone bombing of an Iranian general (and an Iraqi general was killed, too) has garnered spectacular headlines, it was not nearly as egregious a violation of human decency as the coup in Bolivia, and most people around the world have forgotten about that already.
I am not excusing the coup in Bolivia. That is a tragedy and I hope that eventually the Moralistas get their country back. Just talking a bit of realpolitik and pointing out how fast people who are a bit removed from the flashpoint forget about these things.
The Iranians responded to the direct attack on their sovereignty by launching some rockets in the general direction of an Iraqi base where some U.S. soldiers were and miraculously not killing or injuring anybody.
They then issued a statement saying they had retaliated and as far as they were concerned that was it. So, there is no question of who is being the bigger man here. Iran wins that contest hands down.
So, if Trump’s goal is to actually start WWIII, he will have to do something even more inflammatory, and he doesn’t have a lot of support for that. Not among the American people, not in congress, and not even in the Pentagon.
If the pentagon refuses, Trump loses.
So, I don’t think WWIII is going to happen, at least not this time. I’ll feel a lot safer, however, once we get rid of Donald Trump.

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