A Dream of a Dream

Last night in my dream I decided to drop a hit of LSD and it was a very conscious decision, to see if doing LSD in a dream would be different from doing LSD in real life, and I must admit the results are inconclusive.
Of course there was a wild collection of hallucinatory images, most of which I can’t remember, because that’s the world of dreams. It’s also the world of LSD.
I do remember one scene vividly, which was late in the dream just before I woke up, and there was a pale green typewriter on a high shelf, next to a potted tree, like a small Christmas tree but live and undecorated. I lowered the typewriter down on a bungee of chewing gum, and made my plan to write my blog about the trip within the dream, and the line with which I would begin was ‘In the future, we will see through the light.’
I feel good this morning, but I don’t have answers. That’s O.K. Questions are better. Questions open doors. Can we alter reality by altering our minds, does our perception of a thing change the thing itself? Sure, in a philosophical, poetic sort of sense it does but just because I see a rock as a pillow doesn’t mean the next person along won’t kick it and break their toe, the rock is still a rock, and we are still outside reality no matter how much we are part of it. But then I write about it and send my thoughts out into the world. Do they have an impact?
I’m sure they would if I could find the right words. Still searching.

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