AOC to DCCC: Fuck Off

Just read an article from the National Review (dot com) about how Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is refusing to pay her ‘dues’ to the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) which they say amounts to $250,000.
Where is this $250,000 supposed to come from? Out of her congressional salary which is 174,000 per year? That would be a bit harsh. Is every congressperson expected to pay the same dues? If so, that would be well over 50 million dollars. Do governors, and state congresspeople have to pay dues? Must add up to a hell of a war chest, which the DCCC could just sit on until the general election, instead of trying to support one Democratic candidate over another, and we’d all be better off.
The answers to these, and many other questions, are not in the National Review article, which is just interested in ‘Democratic Leadership and AOC hate each other,’ which is what drives readership. Everybody loves to watch a fight.
My greatest question is why do the DCCC (and the DNC) insist on getting involved in the primaries, which are theoretically made up of Democratic candidates vying with each other to see who would be the best candidate to run in the general election. And the best way to choose the strongest candidate is to have an open, fair election.
The DCCC should just shut up and, perhaps, cease to exist. For the good of the party.

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