Harry and Meghan. So?

Much has been made about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step back from the spotlight a bit, maybe hide out somewhere in North America for a while, and try to not be so royal. Some people are calling it Megxit. Much has been made of it by the Queen, for sure, who’s summoned a big family meeting about how they’re going to deal with this going forward. She’s a bit hacked off, reportedly, that they made the announcement on social media first.
I don’t really care what the royals do. (which may seem a bit ironic, because I’m writing a blog about how much I don’t care about this issue, but there you have it) I don’t care what the royals do, but that was maybe a bit much. It’s like announcing online that you’ve got a new job, or are moving house, or are really sick of your mother breathing down your neck all the time, and then she reads it and gets all mad because you didn’t talk to her first, but really she’s just mad because you are a heartless son who doesn’t care about her at all.
But, really, it’s no big deal. They did say they’d always support the Queen, and charitable causes, and England and such. And Harry is nowhere near succession to the throne. I think he’s like 5th or 6th in line.
So, go forth into the real world, Harry and Meghan. Have a good time. I wish you all the luck in the world.

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