Warren Fucks Up Big Time

Once upon a time a person’s political career could be damaged, even ended, by the simplest of things; misspelling a common vegetable, looking at your watch during a debate, a stray tear after an emotional question, a roar of enthusiasm that came across sounding a bit dorky…
Not any more, apparently. Now, you can call your constituents fat and tell them they should vote for somebody else, you can totally make up endorsements, you can vote against everything your constituents want and nothing happens.
So, I don’t expect Elizabeth Warren’s latest examples of fake outrage and an outright lie to push her out of the race. On the other hand, since she’s slipping in the polls anyway, this isn’t going to help her any.
Especially since it was two incidents in one day. First, she took umbrage at the perceived fact that Bernie’s canvassers in Iowa were instructed to say “I like Warren, she’s my second choice, but since all her voters are white and college educated she brings no one new into the party.” On the one hand, I don’t see what’s so bad about saying that because it’s true.
On the other and far more important hand the whole story turned out not to be true. One canvasser posted something like that to a Bernie site and it was taken down almost immediately. So, she grabbed at something without any substance, and even that something was non-existent.

An embarrassing screw-up, but nothing totally disqualifying, I suppose.

Then, a story came out – from unnamed ‘sources’ but they were Warren staffers, that Bernie had told Warren (a couple of years ago) that he didn’t think a woman could get elected president. That is bad. That is not the kind of thing Bernie would say at all, and he says he didn’t.
So, while Warren can just say she wasn’t the source of the story, she was involved in the conversation and could admit it never happened and apologize on behalf of her overzealous staffers. Or not, because she’s desperate for anything that will help her do well in Iowa.
I hope this backfires on her big time. But I’m not holding my breath.

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