“Agressive” Tactics

This is a bit tangential to my main point, but this morning I was starting to get a bit paranoid as every time I typed Bernie Sanders into Google, I kept getting the most anti-Bernie sites popping up, like the Wall St. Journal and Fox News and shit, so I tried DuckDuckGo and I think it was a bit of an improvement.
Admittedly, the experiment is not terribly scientific, less than a day old, and subject to some level of confirmation bias, but I’ll try it for a while and see how it goes.

Now to my main subject. I’ve seen a few articles saying “Bernie has a new strategy,” and “the gloves are off” which I kind of like because it sounds feisty and all and I’m all about negativity when it comes to candidates I don’t like, but it’s not really happening like that.
Bernie is still focusing on his own, very positive message and even when he lists all the bad things Joe Biden has ever voted for and says that Trump will eat his lunch, he prefaces his comments with “I like Joe, I really do, he’s a friend of mine.” It’s never a personal attack and it’s not Bernie’s fault if Biden’s record is atrocious. It’s not Bernie’s fault that Liz Warren is a corporatist tool who has financial relations/family ties with the for-profit health industry. It’s not Bernie’s fault if Pete Buttigieg has no political experience other than being the racist mayor of a mid-sized Indiana town.
Bernie tries to keep friendly with all of them. Even Andrew Yang, whose views are actually closer to Rand Paul’s than they are to anybody in the Democratic Party. Bernie said to him “I’m glad you’re in the primary, you bring some good ideas.”
Bernie is a stand up guy. He has always run a fair and decent campaign, and he is continuing to do so.

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