The Debate Continues

I hate to write about the same thing three blogs in a row but everybody’s still talking about it. And deservedly so.
Sure, it’s not as important an issue as global warming, or raising the minimum wage, or ending college and medical debt, or giving everybody free health care and free college, or closing all the private prisons, or legalizing marijuana, or creating jobs, or getting big money out of politics, but all of those things will be affected by the outcome of this controversy, so there you go.
I saw comments from a few people today to the effect that we should just put this behind us, that we are being divisive and all our arguing only hurts the progressive cause. But, apparently, this has not yet been argued out, and without a resolution, it will hover over the nomination process like a dark cloud, like a malignant wart, like a shameful secret that everybody knows about but no one wants to say.
Elizabeth Warren said the things she said, and we need to talk about it until things are resolved, preferably by her withdrawing her name from candidacy. An apology would be good, too, but unless it’s accompanied by her dropping out of the race, we could be pretty certain of its insincerity.

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