Warren Digs Deeper

I was as surprised as anybody to find out that there was audio of what was said between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders after the debate. I figured if we didn’t hear it at the time, it means the microphones were turned off so nobody was close enough to hear the conversation except Elizabeth, Bernie, and Tom Steyer, who was trying to hang with the cool kids. Which is generally an acceptable thing to do, when you have billions of dollars.

But no, now there is audio of the infamous conversation, the confrontation when Elizabeth Warren refused to shake Bernie’s hand, and we don’t just have to guess about their body language and try to read their lips.
“I believe you just called me a liar on National TV” she said.
“Let’s not talk about this right now,” Bernie said. “You called ME a liar. But never mind. I’m outta here.”
At that point Tom Steyer stepped in, just to say hello to Bernie and shake his hand, and Elizabeth walked away.
Looking at the comments sections under the various articles and tweets, there are several people questioning the veracity of the tape, but I can’t take that very seriously. You hear a spliced tape, it sounds like Stephen Hawking. Either technology has taken a giant leap forward and nobody’s told us about it (possible -think of the explosions that brought down building 7) or it’s real. Occam’s Razor says real. A knowledge of both candidates personalities says it’s real. Reality matches their body language.
There are also lots of people blaming CNN for starting and perpetuating the feud, and maybe they aren’t completely wrong, but Warren has not, despite what she said, tried to de-escalate. That post debate confrontation was no more de-escalating than Pearl Harbor. With or without audio.
There are also Warren supporters, saying “I believe Warren” and not much else, so it’s a soundbite, with zero evidence, and comes from women who believe you should always believe the woman, because men do harass women and sexism and rape both exist. I can understand why these women distrust and hate all men, but they are completely wrong. Of all the candidates on that stage, Bernie was by far the most feminist.
Like so many events in current politics, this will be spun in a dozen different ways and people will choose the way that best suits them and go with it.
My take:
Bernie will survive, and goes into Iowa with a great deal of momentum.
Elizabeth Warren is finished, but may limp along even until Super Tuesday.
Although Bernie sounded kind of dismissive, Tom Steyer may have just got himself a cabinet position

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