How Stupid is Meghan McCain?

This is with regards to a clip I saw a few days ago, from The View. Now, let me state right off the bat that I don’t really object to the premise of The View. Get a handful of minor celebrities together, none of whom are experts on politics, and have them talk about politics. You might not get brilliance, but you’ll hear different points of view, and that’s democracy, right?
The topic was Liz Warren’s accusation of sexism against Bernie Sanders, but we’re all done talking about that now. That’s not what this blog is about.
In the clip, which they replayed on The Young Turks, Meghan McCain made two references to ‘pundants.’ (she also talked about Burning Bros, but that’s a slip of the lip, maybe Freudian, maybe just from talking too fast, and it does not at all negatively reflect on her intelligence.)
But pundant was not a mispronunciation. She said it twice: “Liberal pundants and female conservative pundants like myself.”
That would be cute, if she was just some girl sitting around with her buddies drinking wine and talking politics. But she actually is a pundit. She should know how to spell, and therefore how to pronounce the word.
This is as bad as saying liberry instead of library – even though you happen to be a librarian.
If she didn’t even bother to learn that before going on the show, how can we take her political opinions seriously? She’s clearly a moron.

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