Seven Whys

This latest meltdown from Joe Biden should be getting massive media attention, but it’s not. It happened 24 hours ago, and I’m seeing very little commentary on it. It’s way worse than the “Dean Scream,” which at least made sense, it just seemed a bit over the top.
While Biden was leaving an event in Mason City, Iowa, a reporter asked him “Why are you still attacking Sanders?” (meaning still, after Sanders had apologized for an ad somebody else had made, which took a bit out of a Biden speech where he seemed to be saying he’d cut Social Security, but the film was cut off before the point where he said ‘ha ha, just kidding,’ and which is kind of an understandable misunderstanding because of all those other times that he HAS tried to block, freeze, or raise the minimum age for social security).
Biden, who was almost in the clear, suddenly turned on the reporter and shouted “Why why why why why why why?!” right into his face, and then saying “Calm down, man, you look a little nervous?” Well, first, the reporter didn’t look nervous at all. He was holding his ground and just kept the mike right in Biden’s face.
Secondly, that was a dick move. To shout in somebody’s face like a crazy person and then say “Hey, calm down.” I see that and I am almost certain that Joe Biden was a bully in high school.

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