Big Day

Today, someone pointed out to me on Facebook, is a big day. It’s Groundhog Day, of course. It’s also Super Bowl Sunday. And, it’s a palindrome. 020220.
They said it’s the only palindromic date of this century, but that’s not true. December 11th of next year will also be a palindrome (121121) if you’re using American date notation (month/day/year) and November 12th of next year if you’re using European notation (day/month/year). So, it’s kind of fun to note, but not really a big deal.
The Super Bowl is kind of a big deal for millions of American football fans and the residents of the cities represented, but I haven’t seriously followed American football for years and didn’t know it was Super Bowl Sunday until this morning when I saw the post. So, good luck to all, may the best team win, and it will be cool if there are some spectacular plays for highlight shots, but for the most part I don’t care much.
Groundhog Day is a holiday I take note of, largely because Groundhog Day was one of the greatest movies of all time, but I’ve kind of ruined it for my kids, because they’re so committed to the concept that anything I like must be super lame. Also, I do tend to pay attention to the Groundhog’s prediction even though I know it’s a load of old bollocks. Sort of like the Horoscope, or Facebook quizzes. Not scientific, just a conversation starter.
So, it’s a big day, kind of, due to the convergence of several unimportant events, but tomorrow will be a big day, really and truly.
The Iowa Precinct Caucuses. I am nervous and excited already.


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2 responses to “Big Day

  1. Actually, I think I screwed up the palindrome thing by using 20 instead of 2020. Oh, well. Not an important issue.

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