The Impeachment Farce

As everybody predicted, the Senate has voted to not hear any witnesses, and it is safe to predict that they will not vote to remove Trump from office or do anything that might hurt his feelings in any way.
Salon had a pretty good article on it, saying that the Republican party has sacrificed any dignity they have left and have openly embraced totalitarianism.
The Democrats, instead of immediately announcing new impeachment charges, like for corruption, or maybe the egregious human rights violations he is committing on our southern border, or in supporting the Saudis torture and murder of an American journalist, or tax evasion, have responded by changing their own rules and allowing Mike Bloomberg into the debates.
It’s not a direct counterpoint, they are just reminding everybody that they are crooked, too.
So, what can we do? I guess the only thing we can do is take down the names of every Senator that voted to refuse witnesses, of every Senator who votes to allow Trump to stay in office, and target them for defeat at the ballot box. It probably won’t be effective in most cases. The most conservative of them are from the most conservative states, and it’s not exactly new news to their constituents that they are right wing assholes.
But if it’s effective in even half a dozen cases, it could tip the balance in the Senate.
Which won’t help us out of our current dilemma. But it might help us out of the next one.

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