Not Ready to Shut Up About Iowa

A lot of people seem ready to just forget about Iowa and move on. I’m not, quite. First, it’s not over. They’re up to 80 something percent as I write this, but it’s been two days. Then, since there have been so many questions about Shadow, like what is it, what does it do, how does it do it, and why did Pete Buttigieg pay it $42,500 dollars?, that it seems only fair that they take another half day to compare the figures from Shadow with the paper record from the precinct county chair and see if they match. Maybe then they could all publish these figures online, in a clear format, precinct by precinct, so people who were actually there could compare and if everything matched, computer, paper, memory, then we’d have to say “Well, even if it seems strange that they blocked the Des Moines Register poll, and then that premature victory speech with almost zero reporting, I guess we have to admit that Pete didn’t actually cheat.”
If there are discrepancies, and there will be because there already have been, then they need to be corrected for sure, but also those responsible need to be called out.
Then we need to have this app examined. Tested. Analyzed. Whatever you do with an app to figure out just exactly how it was switching votes.

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