Still More on Iowa

Let me start with the positive. Bernie won Iowa. It took a lot of yelling and screaming and fighting with people who are supposed to be in the same party to do it, but Bernie won Iowa. It took him having his own app, built in house, to combat the Shadow app the IDP paid $60,000, and Buttigieg paid $42,500, for, but Bernie won Iowa.
Now for the negative. The worst thing about this whole debacle, in my view, is what it says about the American voters. Pete Buttigieg just got caught, red handed, cheating his ass off, and he got an 8 point bump in New Hampshire.
Now, I’m not too worried about Pete winning New Hampshire, or any future races, but you never know. Voting machines can be hacked, probably even easier than a caucus vote where there are lots of witnesses, but team Bernie is apparently being much more vigilant, and combative, than they were in 2016, so that’s a good thing.
But, Pete cheated. That should be the main thing people remember about Iowa. Unfortunately, only the Bernie people see it that way.

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